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White Oak Chapel's Latest Message

Speaker PhotoHear the latest message preached at White Oak Chapel by Rev. Dr. Joseph Kostelnik on 11/25/2015:

The Holy Spirit & Singing

"In this age of grace, the Holy Spirit sings through us!"

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Fragile, Handle with Care

When we get a parcel delivered many times it will have the words inscribed on the package, "Fragile, Handle with Care".

I was thinking about that phrase and how most of us are not careful about the way we handle many things in our lives. Many of us don't take proper care of our physical bodies. We eat foods and drink things that are not good for our health. We don't stay active or exercise enough. We don't get the proper amount of sleep.

We fill up our lives with many things that cause us stress and pain. Much of this comes down to the choices we make. A good rule is to prioritize by taking inventory and to choose to simplify our lives. Throw out the the bad things and add in the good ones.

This is also true in the areas of our thoughts and emotions.

This certainly is true in the area of relationships. We should foster and nurture the good relationships and forsake the ones that would  do us harm.

The most important relationship we can have is the one with our Heavenly Father. How careful have we been in spending quality time with Him? In all the other areas of life where we make choices, we would make better ones if we would talk things over with God first. He is always there for us if only we would ask for help. What area of your life has become fragile for you? Seek the One who made you, listen to His wisdom and be careful to follow His instructions.  For in Him are all the answers and direction you need.

God is waiting for your call.

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