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Gospel Truth Ministries truly has a heart for the world.  Inspired by the Father's love for the world in sending His Son, and by the Son's love in dying for all, GTM reaches out to all, regardless of physical location.

Our ministry courses are downloaded freely and mailed in printed format across the world, to serve to ensure the student's security as a true believer in the Lord Jesus, to build up those believers in His Body, and to equip them for their new life in the Kingdom of God by living in power of the Spirit.

Our publications, including books and audio sermons, also freely go out to many nations of the world, continuing to build upon the firm foundation set, which is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  The teachings serve to enlighten the hearts of those who have a desire to know Yahweh more fully, especially in preparing for His soon return.

We host a local church, White Oak Chapel, to disciple those looking for an oasis where they can worship God and receive Full-Gospel teaching with similar like-minded believers; and we encourage our members to reach out to the lost in their spheres of influence with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Gospel Truth Ministries strives to bring "the whole Word, to the whole World," and by God's grace, is accomplishing that mission given by the Son of God (Matthew 28:18-20).

All told, these online outreaches, done in the Name of the Lord, are touching lives in the following 158 countries:

Partner with us and share in the wages due those who labor in the Gospel (Matthew 10:7-10)!


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