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Dr. Joseph Kostelnik has written over 20 books, to build up and encourage the Body of Christ and to witness to those seeking the truth. He and others in his church have also preached and recorded over 3,000 Bible teachings over the years at his church. Enjoy the Spirit-filled teachings in these books and audio messages by freely downloading them or purchasing a hard copy.

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This outreach of Gospel Truth Ministries supplies various Christian publications to those who desire to gain a deeper knowledge of God and the Spirit-filled life, through Jesus Christ and His Word.

Whether you are looking to read free right away online, or purchase a printed copy to hold and read in your hands, we have an option for you! Click "Books" above for more.

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  • 2377: The Key to the Miraculous - 560 downloads
  • 2323: The Manifestations of the Spirit [#1]: Prophecy, Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues - 496 downloads
  • 3519: The Lord's Prayer [#6]: His Eternal Presence & How to Have It! - 378 downloads

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  • 3906: The Father's House
  • 3905: When God Moved House

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Please also visit our ministry training school, The Prophetic Voice Institute.

Dr. Kostelnik offers three diploma courses, totaling over 600 pages, available free online, or for a small fee through postal mail correspondence.

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If you're in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area, you may listen to our "Living by Faith" broadcast on WCVG 1320 AM radio every Friday at 12PM Eastern Time! Even if you're not local, you may also stream it from WCVG's website!

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