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Rejoice and be encouraged to study with us, as our students share below how this ministry of Jesus has prepared them for His Kingdom! To God be all the glory!


Diploma in Discipleship



Diploma in the Deaconate

Seven Keys of Successful Ministry
The Empty Office
All About the Anointing
The Dark World of Demons
Prayer in the Spirit: The Missing Link


Diploma in Ministry

Miracles & the Ministry
The Making of a Minister
Gifts Unto Men
The Lord Jesus: The Christ
The Lord's Supper: The Miracle, Mystery, and Majesty of "Sacramental Union"
Psychiatry, Sin & Salvation


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I AM NOW A REVEREND MINISTER. I am student of Prophetic Voice Institute.

Through your good material and tutorials I am leader and founder of Divine Bible And Miracle Centre-DBMC New Ministry.

Thank very much for offer me free Bible course which has make me whom I am.

Rev. Ebenezer
Ghana Ghana


My name is Benedict from Nigeria.

I want to say thank you very much. It has been an honor studying under God's grace and anointing. It is a privilege to acquire your Diploma in Discipleship, Deaconate, and Ministry.

GOD bless the whole team who put the materials together to make a difference in our generation. I am grateful from my heart.

Pastor Benedict Eseoghene
ojodu , Lagos
Nigeria Nigeria


I Rev. Pastor Butholezwe, a Zimbabwean residing in SA, am pleased and proud today and forevermore after completing my 3 Diplomas in Discipleship, Deaconate and Ministry through PVI @ GTM.

The amount of knowledge I got from these courses is unmeasurable and surely a true work of hand of God that touched and blessed our spiritual father, Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D., to administer such an amazing Academy.

Not only am I inspired but equipped to do the work of God with much deeper understanding. I would love to encourage those who are chosen among the called to partake in the ministry to equip themselves with such anointment of wisdom and knowledge through PVI. Indeed God's love is unmeasurable and will never seize to overwhelm the asking and willing heart.

To God be the glory.

Rev. Butholezwe
Midrand, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa



Today, I have completed my Diploma in Ministry. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity that Prophetic Voice Institute has accorded me to study for free. The material may be for free but it is valuable. My mind has been transformed, I have grown spiritually.

I will continue interacting with the Prophetic Voice Institute and as God blesses me I hope to sowing in this Ministry.

May the Almighty God bless the teaching of the Word and your ministry.

Douglas K.
Lusaka, Lusaka
Zambia Zambia


Praise God, I am pastor Jared Nyariki from Kenya. I am grateful and thankful to God that through His hand I have completed the Diploma in Discipleship, Deaconate and Ministry. For sure, you will never know how much these three diploma courses have offered me the spiritual knowledge and power I needed in my spiritual walk and ministry. Truthfully, I don't think I knew how much I needed it. Thank you so much for stepping up and being a spiritual lifesaver through this course! Your help was needed at the right time. I pray that the Lord will bless you all for the time you give for His service.
God bless you!

Kisii, nyanza
Kenya Kenya


I am writing this for two reasons. First, I want to thank you for offering these courses. Which leads me to the second reason.

You see, I died, and came back. This was in 1980. Sadly, I wasn't in a good place and I struggled with this experience for decades. Now I am ok with having to come back because I have accepted His Will, that I stay here and do His work. So, I have a very large group on a social media platform where I "minister" to my friends there who are brokenhearted and beaten by the world and their inner pain and to those who are seeking enlightenment and cosmic expansion. This brought me here, as I want to be able to do this in a way that is the most beneficial.

I recently became an "ordained minister" in order to perform weddings and funerals, but I really felt dishonest in starting to call myself that without any kind of formal training and I cannot afford any kind of tuition.

Thanks again and God Bless you.

Brenda L.
Elyria, OH
United States of America United States of America


Dear Prophetic Voice Institute team:

I have had an opportunity to complete all of your three courses: that is, Diploma in Discipleship, Diploma in Deaconate and Diploma in Ministry.

They are really powerful and as I was studying these courses I could even feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. You have really equipped me personally as a preacher, and I will be able to teach my leaders and other people.

What a blessing to have the Prophetic Voice Institute; you taught me things that I did not know. I say thank you for all the materials and the knowledge that you have imparted to me as a preacher.

Lusaka, Africa
Zambia Zambia


I enrolled in Dr Kostelnik's free online courses. I currently live in Sydney, Australia. These courses are my final bus stops in feeding me spiritually. I'm so amazed that he has a Ph.D. but he teaches in the simplest and easiest way for any believer to understand.

I keep going over the materials in the courses and cry because they answer every question I have. I was hungry for the truth and kept seeking. You really showed that God is that simple to understand.

God is so amazing because what I came across was not some big website with some big titles, but just a simple website and it’s full of knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you Dr Kostelnik. I've printed the course materials and created folders for them. I posted my second course answers as per course instructions but I'm not sure if they have arrived.

I love the material about “Prayer in the Spirit: the Missing Link.” Can't stop reading it. So blessed by it.

Thank you Lord for leading me to this website.

Sydney, NSW
Australia Australia


Calvary greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

First of all, I want to thank the Almighty God for giving me the grace to complete all the three courses under your your noble Institute. I am indeed grateful.

Second, I want to appreciate our Daddy in the Lord, Joseph Kostelnik Ph.D., for this great vision and all the other management staff. This programme have been a tremendous blessing to me and has also given me an added knowledge of great value to my ministry and my community as whole. I have learned a lot from these three courses which are well packaged and greatly encouraging, sir. May God bless you in return for impacting my life and ministry. This is my greatest testimony. Go ahead to publish, sir.

I conclude with this suggestion, that let there be another new programme introduced by your institute, if you will need to called it Advance Diploma, etc.

Thank you and God bless you sir.

Dr. Isaac Bolaji
Ikorodu, Lagos State
Nigeria Nigeria


I wish to express my gratitude to you, Dr. Joseph Kostelnik, and the other team members of The Prophetic Voice Institute, for these wonderful and impactful, free Diploma in Discipleship, Deaconate and Ministry courses.

I must confess, the contents of the work got every part of me: body, soul and spirit, dancing and filled with joy. The way you explained faith and the work of the Holy Spirit in the entire diploma program was more like Christ Himself talking.  You spoke to my spirit and I was able to hear in the Spirit.

God bless you, and The Prophetic Voice Institute, richly.

Emeka John
0, Enugu
Nigeria Nigeria


I want to thank you greatly for the courses you provided for free, I had this desire to study but I couldn't manage to pay for the courses... but with these free online courses you have made my life so great, I've gained a lot even the Church I minister to I believe will not be the same... thank you men of God, the books are right I enjoyed the lessons.

Pastor Makhumbo Mike
Durban, South Africa
South Africa South Africa


I just wanted to say that I already have an Associate degree in business and Bachelor's degree from a university. These courses are a blessing and they are college level courses and the equivalent of going to a bible college. I have taken all three courses.

Well put together material and will help deepen your understanding of different things even if you have already read the Bible or been studying biblical material. I highly recommend taking them.

Myrtle Beach, SC
United States of America United States of America


I thank God, through Jesus Christ I have managed to successfully complete all three courses free of charge. This has happened during the period when I am going through difficulties financially.

The training I have undergone at The Prophetic Voice Institute is real, powerful and excellent. I have gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge that will help me in ministry and evangelism. Besides, six (6) months ago I was just a layman, but today I possess three diplomas. Glory be to God!

Finally I thank the Prophetic Voice Institute (GTM) for the provision of these three courses freely.

Lusaka, Lusaka
Zambia Zambia


Greetings my co-workers in Christ, I am Rev Iwell Phiri, I have just finish all 3 courses.

All the 3 courses have been help to me and now I can do the right thing in the ministry and I will be using this courses in the right way. And I will share to other pastors and Bible student pastors, thanks!

Rev. Iwell
Sinda, Sinda Eastern province
Zambia Zambia


I am Evangelist Babila Kingsly from Cameroon. I have just finished the three courses at the PVI.

I want to give the Almighty God Glory and to thank Dr. Kostelnik for obeying the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ by putting these courses online for free, only men from God can do this.

Throughout these courses, I have continued to see the wisdom of God through and through, God showed me dreams to approve some of the teachings. The day I studied the Real Presence (Diploma in Ministry), that night I dreamt that my mother gave me bread to share with my brother and inside the bread was an egg and we ate.

Before I completed this same course on Ministry, I got up one morning uttering 1 Corinthians 1:6 and 1 Corinthians 3:8 and this is what they say according to the Good News Bible:

(1 Corinthians 1:6) says the message about Christ has become so firmly established in you.
(1 Corinthians 3:8) says there is no difference between the one who sows and the one who waters, God will reward each one according to the work each has done.

Waooooooooooh!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Dr Kostelnik for everything and I pray that God should bless you abundantly.

Cameroon Cameroon


Thank you very much, Prophetic Voice Institute. My life and ministry has changed. Not only did I get information but I got wisdom and impartation.

As a full time pastor I never had a chance of formal training, but thanks to the Institute now I'm sharpened. And know that God is ready to use me in a new level and ways.

Mafikeng, North West province
South Africa South Africa


I would like to thank God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for giving me the strength to study all the courses offered by this Ministry and pass them.

Furthermore, I do thank God for the inspiration HE gave to the Ministry team to write and compile the whole material containing the Good News of God and be able to spread it all over the world to those who are able and interested to study the material.

Studying the three courses opened my understanding about God's word. I think it's good to understand the word of God because you will able recognize the importance of living for GOD.

I do encourage all students who have enrolled for this courses to take them with, love, hope and faith in Spirit so that they can have a strength to read. The more you're ready and study the more you pass. GOD does hear our needs and wants, brethren.

To those who did not manage to pass examinations, I do encourage you keep on studying and retake the examinations you will make it. Do not give up.
Do not fear, you can make it.


Pastor Otsile
Kanye, Ngwaketse South
Botswana Botswana


I thank God for these important courses that I studied with this ministry, it has indeed improve my walk with God in my ministry.

And I pray that the source of your ministry will never dry in Jesus' Name.

Rev. Dr. olokesusi

Nigeria Nigeria


Taking up a step to study in your ministry has helped me grow more in Christ, I never thought I will be a person who will bring happiness into the lives of my family, but with the courses that this ministry provides I am who I am today.

People say today that am a changed person and I say THANK YOU to the Lord Jesus for introducing me to such a life changing ministry.

With these few words of appreciation I say, may the Lord richly bless you.
By his grace, in the near future, I would like to support the ministry.


Mufulira, copperbeit
Zambia Zambia


Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to the Prophetic Voice Institute management for the wonderful program through online learning.

It took me eight months to finish my Diploma Discipleship, Diploma in the Deaconate, and finally Diploma in Ministry. It was very hectic to come through all this but because since GOD is awesome I manage to complete my studies. I'm now with no fear to stand and testify that GOD IS YAHWEH ELOHIM.

I thank you and GOD bless.

Minister Isaac Tshabadira
Kanye, Southren
Botswana Botswana


May God Almighty bless Gospel Truth Ministries. I pray He enlarges your coast because it is God ordained.

I have participated in the online program and passed all exams. I must confess that i discovered a lot studying this materials. It is worth it. I know I have increased in knowledge and understanding through this program and I pray God will make all who study this material be a blessing to others as well.

May God bless the founder and all his team for this wonderful opportunity. Amen.

Okechukwu Ronald
Manresa, Barcelona
Spain Spain


It is with great pleasure that on this 30 Day of May 2017 I stand with pride to thank God with what He has planted on the whole team of PVI.

I took all three courses and it amazed me how much I have gained and how much confidence I have achieved thus far in my Ministry and how much closer and dedicated I have become to the Work of the Lord.

I do all things with more insight and knowledge and I found it very helpful to me it has also answered most of the questions that been having all along and went even beyond.

Keep up the good work whole team of Gospel Truth Ministries (Prophetic Voice Institute), may God richly bless you as you continue with His great mission.

Pastor Cyril
Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal/Northdale
South Africa South Africa


I thank God that I have finally finished my diploma [courses]... Was an awesome experience.

Dr. Humphrey
Kitwe, copperbelt
Zambia Zambia


I got born again in the year 1996 at a programme and ever since them I am been a Christian. Later on as a progress in life I went back to the world. My life was nothing to write home about. I was not happy with myself because I was doing those thing I am not suppose to do as a christian. I backslid because I want to taste what the world is like.

One day I was browsing through the internet when I saw your institute. I enrolled because I want to get to more about the bible and how I can got my salvation back. I applied for the Diploma in Discipleship and Deaconate and also take Diploma in Ministry. Today I am happy because I have been redeemed back to God.

In fact what I learnt during my studies helped me to know God more. Praise God!

Lagos, lagos
Nigeria Nigeria


I thank the Almighty Yahweh for making possible for me to study the three courses on internet.

My life and the knowledge of the Lord has changed and increased.

Elohim bless GTM richly for the great work they are doing.

Zambia Zambia


Glory be to God! I have just completed the Diploma in Ministry course.
I feel fulfilled and indeed empowered through my enrollment in The PVI. My walk with God has really improved. This ministry is a blessing. May God bless you and keep you.

Chiemeziem Emmanuel Godfrey
Kaduna, Kaduna
Nigeria Nigeria


I thank God the most High for leading me here and allowing me to received this remarkable, powerful, well equipped and illuminating base material and content to carry on with the ministry work God has given us. I am impressed so far for what I have acquired through PVI, God bless us all.

Pastor Evans Kwaku
Takoradi, Western Region
Ghana Ghana


Praise the Lord,

I am full of gratitude to God your ministry. PVI is a fulfillment to my desire to find a top-notch institution for training ministers. The Courses you offer online are so rich that I am dazed wondering at your kind generosity in offering them freely to people with little financial muscle.
I have been immensely blessed by the account of Dr. Joseph Kostelnik's experiences in ministry. Those testimonies have gone a long way to quicken my faith in Jesus and encourage me to take Him at His Word.

I can really say that I am beginning to exercise true power over the ugly circumstances of my life.

I would surely like to ratify my studies with you once I'm ready.

I am a living proof that God is really with you in this service.

Chiemeziem Emmanuel Godfrey
Kaduna, Kaduna
Nigeria Nigeria


These courses are divinely inspired. Some questions that used to bother my mind have been vividly explained. I am grateful for your support.

God richly bless your ministry and enlarge your territory.

Pastor Wisdom
Madina, Accra
Ghana Ghana


I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this Webpage during my search on Google and It has been a blessing unto me.

I have learned a lot from the courses offered and I thank God for your life. It have given me more insight and understanding to the things of God and God. I am a Music Minister in my Church and currently planning to embark on missions and evangelistic journey. Talk to people about God and also share what I have learnt here in my Church and here on PVI.

Thank you, Dr. Kostelnik, for the opportunity you have given me and thousands of people around the world. You are Blessed and Will always be blessed.

May the Peace and Joy of the Lord that Passes all understanding be your portion, In Jesus' Name.


Lauretta Nana Adwoa
Tema, Greater Accra
Ghana Ghana


Yet another Testimony from me.

It was not too long ago that I enrolled and has testified to the glory of God how the course on Discipleship Has changed my life and ministry, but now, having gone through the courses on Deaconate and Ministry.... I am speechless on what to say next.

But all the same, I am still grateful to Rev. Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D., who made it possible to build up my faith and ministry through the power of the Holy Ghost. I have never stopped telling people to participate in this great courses online.

May God continue to unveil and revile even more hidden things to you Sir.

Thank you.

Pastor Christopher
Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa


Hi I have to say I was very surprised how much I have learned with these courses. Changed my way of thinking from a perspective of theological biblical teaching.

I am diligently continuing my studies everyday with JESUS as my Lord and Saviour.

Praying for a transformation and restoration in our lives and world. Thank you very much for everything you do.

Phoenix, AZ
United States of America United States of America


I thank God for this opportunity to study this course on internet, this course has helped me a lot and it has changed my life.

T would like to thank GTM for making it possible for us to study online while we are in Zambia.

May the good God continue blessing the ministry in Jesus' name.

Pastor Paul Katongo
Zambia Zambia


Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing to the body of Christ, I have been so blessed by your courses and my life and ministry have not remain the same after coming in contact with your ministry.

After finishing the Discipleship course, my evangelism flame has been rekindled and have been doing house to house witnessing in my neighborhood and beyond.

The courses are insightful and revealing. The courses have truly been a blessing to my life and ministry.

I have finished the Diploma in Discipleship and also Diploma in Deaconate while awaiting the Diploma in Ministry courses.

Once again, thank you so much and may the Lord bless you more and more in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Ijero Ekiti, Ekiti State
Nigeria Nigeria


God mightily bless you! I just don't know how to express myself about your Ministry! I have just completed Diploma in Ministry after completing Diploma in Discipleship and Deaconate respectfully.

I am a Pastor of a Local Church and already studying these Courses has blessed my Congregation beyond measure! Indeed your Prophetic Scripture (2 Timothy 2:2) is in full action because already I am committing these same things to others who are faithful as well.

I will continue to support your ministry as the Lord leads and may God bless you for the good work you are doing. Already I begin to see signs and wonders in my Church and would like to urge anyone who will listen to this testimony to follow suite in studying your courses.


Thebeyakgosi Lazize
Molepolole, Kweneng Region
Botswana Botswana


I have enjoyed the courses very much and have a new respect for those who have done these courses. It was not always easy but it has given me a wealth of knowledge that I use every day in the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to me.

Thank you for making it possible for me to be able to take this course online in my own time.

God bless this institute in all its endeavors.

Kind Regards,

Pastor Helga
Luderitz, Kharas Region
Namibia Namibia


Thank you Rev Joseph for all your teachings in all the 3 courses. I must confess that I preach in my church now meaning I mount pulpit and preach the gospel of jesus christ the lord of all creation. Hallelujah.

My next preaching comes on 10/6/2014 at a youth conference to preach to uncountable number of youth in the conference.

Glory to Jesus Christ. May God bless you. Amen.

Accra, ACCRA
Ghana Ghana


Praise God, I was just in my house one Morning searching for a christian book to read when I heard the postman ringing my house bell, and it was a course material that was posted to me from Gospel Truth Ministries that i have been awarded a Scholarship in, "Diploma in the Deaconate, and Diploma in Ministry".

I am without words, it is a great Miracle to me. This ministry has lighten my Christian life, and what you have invested in me, I am already investing it into the life of other people I come across.

Your labor will never be in vain. I am grateful to God and to You, and to all the partners for their support and prayer. May our Lord God Supply all Your needs according to his riches in glory. Amen !!!

A great thanks to you and Your Team. Amen !!!

Bologna, grizzana morandi
Italy Italy


I would like to thank you for these courses in Discipleship, Deaconate, and Ministry. I have been able to learn so much and at no cost. This has been a great experience and I Thank You with all my being for these courses. It is wonderful that you are able to do God's work in the way you are.

Henry, TN
United States of America United States of America


It is truly a wonderful, biblical, Godly mission that you are carrying out with your ministry and courses. I love how simply biblical your teaching is. There is a beauty to the word and lessons included in the pages. Thank you for freely giving to believers who all called to the will of God.

Scottie Elliott
Newton, North Carolina
United States of America United States of America


The practicality of your courses is second to none. I have been blessed going through the three courses and have not stopped going over them again and again as i need this in daily ministry. I pray that God may bless you and keep you and enlarge you as you touch the world generously with your ministry.

Pastor Benny
Middleton, Manchester
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I received your free ministry training about four years ago. I want to thank God for what that training has done for me. I have really improved and understood the word of God with positive changes in my life. Now, I also take the gospel to the world. Halelujah. I can now donate my widow's mite to your ministry.

Ghana Ghana


The Prophetic Voice Institute's courses in Discipleship, Deaconate and Ministry by Dr. Joseph Kostelnik, should be obligatory reading for all Christian ministers.

Dr. Kostelnik's books are on par in importance to today's churches as Paul's epistle's was to the 1st. century churches of Rome, Corinth and Galatia.
Building upon the holy scriptures his expounding and in-dept insight in topics such as miracles, prayer in the Spirit, ministry and theistic psychiatry are magnificent works by a man truly inspired by the Holy Ghost.

Having completed all three courses, I can whole-heartedly state that I highly recommend these three courses to all Christians!

Rev. Dan
Iceland Iceland


I have taken and received the diplomas in all three courses, went on to be associate pastor, got ordained by the church, and now senior pastor at the
same church.

I am very honored to hang the Prophetic Voice Institute diplomas in my pastoral office wall.

Waycross, Ga
United States of America United States of America


You really make dreams come true.

When I came to South Africa from my home country Zimbabwe I promised God that one thing I would do was train as a minister.Opportunities and resources did not come so your option brought the dream to reality.

Thank you so much I know that one day I will meet you and your team in person and give this testimony. GOD IS WORKING WONDERS IN MY LIFE AND MINISTRY.

Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa South Africa


I just wanted to express my gratitude to God by sharing with you about what He has done and is doing. After completion of the 3 Diploma courses under your ministry, our has made a dream and desire that tormented my heart for 7 years come true.

The desire to start a Christ-centered ministry for the poor in Nairobi, Kenya. It is no longer a dream but a reality. We have started one in one of Nairobi Slums called Mukuru. For the last 4 months the Almighty has been doing things that have even shocked me. Things I used to dream in my sleep as a young teenager of Sunday school but which I thought to be my imaginations.

Thanks a lot for your course I guess they stirred the gift God had put in me and I was kind of resisting it. The hunger and thirst for the pure Love of God as expressed in the gospels and perfected by the holy Ghost is beyond words to explain.

I need your prayers and any possible assistance to faithfully lift up Jesus so that he may bring many to himself, by confirming His word by wonders, signs and miracles and above all seal us all for His Kingdom. As a baby may you hold my hand and teach me to walk, that I may do what I see Father doing and so without falling into the snares of enemy as many who came before have. God bless you mightily.

Yours in Christ Love and Service,

Pastor Aggrey T.
Kenya Kenya


I've just completed the three diploma courses and have enjoyed them thoroughly. I'm looking forward to teaching others what I've learned, especially the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith which many believers today don't to seem to fully grasp.

I've learnt so much, about the Spirit being our Sword was a new one to me... I appreciate your insight and revelation! May the Lord Jesus continue to richly bless your ministry so you can continue to bless others even more!


Patrick George
Whitby, Ontario
Canada Canada


Get of a single mind and encouraged by your beliefs thru the God-inspired lessons gleaned at PVI.

How many of us have been of a double mind? We miss out on being blessed by our being indecisive. Look once again what God has to say about that in his word.

James 1:5-8, New International Version (NIV)

5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

Charlotte, NC
United States of America United States of America


Peace and the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to you and your ministry.

I want to give the Almighty God glory and also to thank Dr. Kostelnik for putting these courses and free book materials online for free. A very rare opportunity, Be blessed for this.

For long I have been trying my level best to further myself in studying the word of God at any school of ministry even at the cheapest one but in vain. Lastly my dream came true when I came across the blessed hand of PVI and now am glad I have finished the three courses waiting to receive my certificates, Glory be to God.

I very well know it has taken your time, effort and resources, it's my request you establish a Degree programme. Allow me to request you to be my Spiritual Father if I have got all these from you what more if not to be my Spiritual Father!

After completing the three courses I felt equipped to start a ministry allow it be under your ministry or be its branch. Once again God bless you.

Pastor Edward
Dar-es-salaam, Dar-es-salaam
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, United Republic of


The Lord reigns!

I just want to thank the Almighty God for having your ministry in the internet. I appreciate so much your ministry because, it gives me the great opportunity to learn God's word in a very powerful manner; I easily understood the very hard themes in the Bible. Moreover, I able to enroll in internet Bible School though I am poor.

I do pray that I will be part of your ministries as soon I can finish my studies at my pace due to internet connections, my work schedules and of course running my family. God speed! Once again thank you very much!


Gary B.
Butuan, Not in USA
Philippines Philippines


I want to thank you for offering your courses for free. I just completed Diploma in Ministry had it for a year I think, nothing happens before its time and my completing this course was for such a time as this.

I was having difficulty about tongues and this book on Prayer in the Spirit, just really brought it home.

Thanks again, I will be making a donation and ordering my Diplomas in the coming two weeks. Thanks for your selfless offer.

Sueann P. V.
Brooklyn, NEW YORK
United States of America United States of America


I enjoyed taking all 3 courses! I look forward to receiving Ministry Diploma and Deaconate Diploma.

You must have spent months in authoring each course!

Prophet Kirk Micah
Iowa City, Iowa
United States of America United States of America


Throughout these three diplomas, I have continued to see the wisdom of God through and through.

At times I would just be in tears as I felt the love of God come through the pages of your books. What an amazing God, and what an amazing vision.

Thank you, Dr Kostelnik, for your obedience to the Lord.

Pastor Sera
Mexico City
Mexico Mexico


Great courses. I currently have an assoc. degree in evangelism and am working on Bach. degree.

I found these studies to concentrate ministry specific topics which will provide a great source of knowledge. Also the confidence to share the Gospel.

Loveland, Ohio
United States of America United States of America


I have done Discipleship and Deaconate Diplomas online, and now I am studying to do the Ministry Diploma, and I can only give the praise to God. My wrong answers have really opened up new doors on how to understand the Word of God. I really thank the Lord for this Ministry.

Pastor Sera
Mexico City
Mexico Mexico


I thought I knew the Word Of God fairly well.

This course has opened my eyes to many of the teachings in the Bible that I never knew existed.

Thank You for these courses.

Henry, TN
United States of America United States of America


I'm truly delighted for the whole path we have taken with you in studying the Holy Word and insights I have learned. I thank you from my heart.

I don't know but something within me is ever pressing me to seek the knowledge of God and desire to possess all He has for me as to serve Him in a different way as I see Him being served or proclaimed.

I wish for your prayers for ministry and greatly for a physical healing. It appears the enemy has been aware of my inner self hence tormented me with predicament one after the other. Presently, am an orphan, battling a disease proclaimed to have no cure. To make matters worse, I have developed an infection in my nose which really affecting my throat making my service to people very hard. I'm a counselor you know. They say it is sinuses, but it isn't responding to treatment.

Please, pray for me for I believe I can overcome all these and accomplish my purpose in life not for self but more so for the Almighty.

I'll remain in touch and support you as much as possible. May God bless you all!

Pastor Aggrey T.
Kenya Kenya


Praise our Lord Jesus, Dr. Kostelnik, am really very grateful that you decided to train ministers of the word of God online.

I have been all along seeking a school of ministry that I may widen my knowledge about God, at last I have gotten one. May the name of our Lord Jesus be praised. This is what I yearned for so long.

May the Almighty God bless you for helping us who couldn't afford thousand dollars to acquire the Godly knowledge. I have just started and know that the ALMIGHTY GOD will enable me.

Once again, thank you so much.

Pastor Edward
Dar-es-salaam, Dar-es-salaam
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, United Republic of


Dear Rev. Dr. Joseph and Rev. Solomon,

It took me so long to give my feedback on the Diploma Courses I had successfully completed in the past year as I was tied down with hectic schedules. The courses have taught me the vitally important basic biblical principles yet the common mistakes I made and equipped me well to prepare for greater involvement in the ministries of our living God. These courses are well designed and quite adequate not only for a lay minister like me, but also for other church leaders to get into the harvest field where many lost souls still need to be led to Christ without spending many years studying at Theological Seminary.

These courses are equally good in quality as full accredited Theological courses which the students need to do for many years; the 4-year Theological courses for B.Th are summarized into these Diploma courses without lacking quality at all.

The courses simplified how I can be empowered with the power of God through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit for effective ministry and receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the power of God.

I would like to express my profound gratitude for the spiritually enriched and life-changing courses for free-of-charge and the spiritual insights gained from the courses.

May the Lord continually bless and prosper your ministries!

Thanks so much,
In Christ,

Minister Ngo
Laurel, MD
United States of America United States of America


I have just completed the Diploma course series. The depth of knowledge, presented in a very understandable way, is of the highest quality.

An excellent course, thank you. I shall be rereading the material to gain more understanding as time goes on.

Patrick Irlam
Blackwater, Surrey
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I have enjoyed these courses so much, I am glad it was available to me for free.

Everything I have learned has added up to [the equivalent of] an Associate Degree.

I am now finally doing my course in ministry. Thank you so much.

Minister Diane
Winter Garden, florida
United States of America United States of America


I found your courses very interesting and eye opening. Keep up the good work and thank you.

United Kingdom United Kingdom


Thank you PVI for establishing such a course, at such a time. Your courses have been a blessing to me and I intend on moving forward into Evangelizing for the Body of Christ.

As a born again, Spirit-filled, believer in Christ, I know this is of God. The way in which the materials unfold knowledge of the Lord is awesome!

The courses have truly been a blessing! I thank God for you and pray for you!

Sonya F.
Lafayette, LA
United States of America United States of America


I want to thank you for the three diploma courses you have. I have been a Christian for 20 years but in very recent years God has called me to His service.

I have been searching for somewhere to do a thorough study before going onto to formal training.

Although over the last twenty years I have been following the guidance and Teaching of the Holy Spirit, and thank God He has taught me well, but your courses highlighted and brought new revelation. So thank you and bless you,your ministry and your family.

Yours in Christ,

William Crawford
Falkirk, Stirlingshire
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I want to give the Almighty God glory and also to thank Dr. Kostelnik for putting together this life changing materials.

My ministry has not been the same since I studied these materials. I have been putting into practice all that I have learned, and my ministry has not been the same.

I give God the glory.

Yenagoa, Bayelsa State
Nigeria Nigeria


Man of God; may the Creator bless you and keep for the courses you are offering online to help many people to find their way in Ministry.

Rev. Muteba Joshua
Lusaka, Lusaka
Zambia Zambia


I would like to thank Dr. Kostelnik and his team for helping me and my ministry with your on line bible study, and yes I will become a partner.

For anybody who wants to see their ministry grow, bless Dr. Kostelnik ministry and watch your ministry grow.

Pastor Jonathan
Irvington, new jersey
United States of America United States of America


I have been laid off from work for over a year; thank God he bless me to draw unemployment so with this time I felt like it would be a good time to get back into God's word, and do a bible class.

I have been called to preach for over 20 years I was a assistant pastor for about 4 years than God called me to evangelize. My Mission and goal is to see people saved set free and deliver through the power of God.

I prayed about a bible class one that would not be to expensive but could not find one that teaches the whole word of God. I praise God he led me to this class I have learned a lot and I pray we never stop learning it has just been a blessing and I have felt the anointing of God so Strong through these lessons.

I pastor some on Paltalk, a chat program with voice and text and the power of God has been so anointing and I know it's through these lessons that the anointing is so strong. You are a great teacher and anointed teacher and keep on keeping on and I encourage anyone to the challenge whether you are a pastor or just beginning your christian to get in to this anointed class.

God bless all and thank you again and I will be praying for you your family and this ministry.

Talbott, tennessee
United States of America United States of America


Great courses, I just finished the last course, and I have really learned a lot from them. It is such a blessing that you give these courses at no cost because I would otherwise not have been able to participate in them. Thank you so much.

Rev. Douglas
Nanty-glo, pennsylvania
United States of America United States of America


It is with tribute and esteem that I take this opportunity to recommend PVI to those who are busy and would like to continue their education. PVI offered the ability to further my education with "at home studies" that met my needs and schedule.

Here I am, a Bible teacher, educator, at a Bible baptist church. PVI gave me the ability to study at my own pace and schedule. Their courses were quality, filled with practical and spiritual information that enriched my life. The courses furthered my insight to God's Word, pastoral perspectives, and Christian Counseling.

With approval, admiration, and appreciation, I endorse PVI for what they have done for me. If you are considering continuing your studies at home, study with PVI! As a result of my studies at PVI I have made a renewed commitment to many peoples, Christian integrity, functioning in the spiritual gifts assigned by God, salvation of souls, and "rightly dividing the Word of Truth."

I would highly recommend PVI to anyone who wants to have a spiritually, theologically, practically sound effective Ministry.

Dr. Oyinlade Solomon
St Julian, ST JULIAN
Malta Malta


I have to let you know Pastor Joseph Kostelnik, and take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the privilege of taking your FREE PVI Online MINISTRY Programs.

By the Grace of God, I was able to complete all courses. It has been so convenient for me to do this at my own pace and in times that was convenient for me... I am excited to see how the Lord will continue to use me. I am preparing myself to do his will on earth.

I look forward to meeting you one day. Again I am so Thankful to you and all for your Ministry!

May the Lord Bless you abundantly!

Port Saint Lucie, Florida
United States of America United States of America


Dr. Kostelnik,

I would like to say thank you for praying for me a couple of weeks ago. I was the one that had the lung problem in Pensacola, Florida.

While I was speaking with you on the phone the Presence of God was so strong I could feel new lungs being created in my chest.

My family and I went to Orlando for vacation and I was able to walk through 3 different theme parks Praise the Lord.

I will be forever grateful for you and through Holy Spirits help my life has been forever changed.

Thank you from the bottom of my "NEW LUNGS."


Pensacola, Florida
United States of America United States of America


Greetings in the wonderful and precious name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to thank God through your PROPHETIC VOICE INSTITUTE, thanks a lot for making me to be the minister God intended me to be, through the study I went through at your institute.

It has made me to more effective in my call and ministry. It is my sincere prayer that the Lord God Almighty will continue blessing this ministry and our president, Dr. Kostelnik.

Please I want to know if you have some plans of starting any other advanced courses, so that I can begin to make some plans of doing it at an advanced level. Be blessed!

Pastor Kennedy
Lusaka, Lusaka
Zambia Zambia


Thank-you so much for offering these on-line courses! May God bless you in your ministry. I have so enjoyed learning more and growing in my Christian life.

I was so excited that I shared them with my husband and he is now taking the courses! God is so awesome it excited my husband and he shared it with our ass't Pastor and his wife and they now are going to take the course.

When I was in my 20's I felt God's call for me to enter Bible school but I follow my own path and got out of God's will. I feel because of your ministry God gave me another chance to obey him and prepare me for the ministry; he has called me to!

Thank-you again for giving us the material to obey God. Again I pray that God will bless you and your ministry in a mighty way!!

Your sister in Christ,

Vanda Jean
Ehrhardt, South Carolina
United States of America United States of America


I thank God for making it possible for me to have contact with your Ministry though the Internet. Your material really blesses me.

I sleep around 3am everyday reading and reading your material. When I touched your hand after reading When You Need a Miracle I felt the Power of the anointing through that hand.

We just started a ministry in South Africa and we believe the courses will empower us to spread the Gospel to many who are confused by religion. Yes I say this because I have so many friends who backslided because they did not get proper information about salvation and I personally was a victim of religion that followed man instead of God.

Remain a blesser for nations.

Polokwane, Limpopo
South Africa South Africa


I been really blessed, especially the courses' focus on the highly neglected but very vital for any ministry: Member of the Godhead, HOLY SPIRIT.

Dear PVI staff, my prayer life has been changed after I have read the book entitled "Prayer in Spirit: The Missing Link" from the Ministry diploma course but this is not to say that I have been benefited only from the book I sited, rather I want to emphasize that one.

Dear reverend, all the three diploma courses are really life changing but in addition I have observed very good quality of PVI compared to other Bible institutions. PVI is very loyal to its promises which is missing from many spiritual institutions. Therefore, as a result I want to encourage PVI that you have to maintain your quality education, emphasis on the ministry of the HOLY SPIRIT, loyalty to do what you promise.

Mekelle, Tigray
Ethiopia Ethiopia


Alleluia! PVI is unique, God ordained, incredibly deep and a life-transforming timely intervention. In my ministry, I have been confronted by skeptics, heretics and unbelieving rationalists.

But PVI has now revived an uncompromising gospel within me. Surely Dr. Joseph Kostelnik deserves more than a "pat on the back" for his great heart and academic excellence.

Rev. Dr. Vincent Kaleli
Kenya Kenya


Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ! I just want to take a moment to personally thank you for these wonderful courses. They are Biblically sound in doctrine and very interesting. God has truly Blessed me with these courses.

I am only saddened that I am now taking the 3rd and final course, I pray that there will be more to come! Gospel Truth Ministries and PVI are about doing "Kingdom Business" and I must say thank you for getting my diploma to me so very quickly!

May God Richly Bless You!

Rev. Zachary Skye
Harrisonburg, Virginia
United States of America United States of America


Brother Kostelnik, thank you for being my mentor, teacher. I have been studying the Bible or word everyday, and I like to take courses it is a enriched education, these courses you have to offer are Spirit-filled. God bless you and your ministry.

George F.
San Bernardino, California
United States of America United States of America


I am in the process of finishing the third course. I must say that as I was going through it my eyes where opened.

I was led astray by Satan, and God called me back at about the same time, give a day or two, that I had received a reminder to take the courses you offered. Well they are so good I could not put them down. My soul was thirsting for more.

Now that I am almost done, I wish that there were more courses. There are many things that you have taught me in them that I was not taught in my own Church. I have been going to the same Church for almost 13 years.

I just want to thank you for obeying God and allowing him to work through you. You are a precious jewel. May you receive many more blessings than you are able to contain.

Akron, Ohio
United States of America United States of America


I have just completed the third course of the trilogy. What an experience this has been. How wonderfully written, what breadth and scope of material, knowledge, focus and spirituality in all three courses. These feed not only the ministry as a whole, but the person individually. I am so much the better after this experience.

Rev. Dr. Carlos D.
Miami, FL
United States of America United States of America


Brother Kostelink,

Thank you for being a mentor online, I have taken all the three Diplomas online even though I have not been able to pay for the certificates, I am making arrangements to do so.

I have learnt a great deal about discipleship, the office of the decon and Ministry and I thank God for using you to impart such wonderful knowledge freely. I have been able to introduce two of my friends who are currently taking the course and I believe they too will benefit greatly. God willing I may start up a Bible College or a small study group. but I have always taught and shared whatever strikes me as I have been studying and it has been great.

I may not be in a position right now to bless you but God willing some day soon I will thank you for the great knowledge you have imparted in me. May God bless you and open doors for your ministry.

Could you possibly take a chance of starting one of your centres here in Kenya, that is if God so wills.

May God Bless you so abundantly.

Pastor Maryanne Awuor
Nakuru, Rift Valley
Kenya Kenya


From what the Spirit of GOD has taught me through the two courses which I have just completed (Discipleship and Deaconate), I now have a higher wisdom to handle GOD's word effectively especially on those subjects. I am grateful to GOD.

I wish you more of GOD's blessings.

Pastor Joseph Olatunde
Akure, Ondo State
Nigeria Nigeria


Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ;

I have just completed the final course of the three course series, and I am extremely happy to have done so. It has been a blessing in my life and have opened my eyes to many things that were taken for granted. I pray that the Lord will continue to work through your minnistry to spread His words.

God Bless you all.

Rev. Donald A.
Elmont, NY
United States of America United States of America


I am so glad to have passed through all my courses and I must say that I have a wider knowledge of the God's word. The understanding that I have gathered in PVI will not go out in all ages.

God has truly lifted me up through PVI and I am greatful to God for making me come across PVI, my love will be towards Him forever. Amen.

Pastor Hosea Chukwuemeka
Abuja, FCT
Nigeria Nigeria


I am a student with PVI, I am waiting for my third course about ministry, I have done two of the three courses.

I happen to come across GTM through the Internet and was very much interested in what you were offering to teach those who were willing. I prayed to God asked him if it was his will for me to join PVI course, and from the leading of the Holy Spirit I was able to apply to be a student, but on the other hand I need to have some money to download the lessons from I Internet. But then I applied to be given a scholarship so that I can be sent the PVI manual, and to my surprise I was granted the schorlarship.

I have not paid anything to PVI in terms of money, but I have committed my self to praying for GTM, they have given me an opportunity to study the Word and to learn many things that I did not know as a pastor.

I have my Diploma and the second one has already been send with the third course, am still waiting for its arrival.

I have brought together some students who are willing to also study the materials and soon we will be starting a class, like 2 Tim 2:2 says.

I want to thank GTM for what they have given to me and others. The material is what the church needs at this moment.

May the Lord Almighty bless GTM, for what you are doing.

Pastor Peter Simwa
Eldoret, Rift Valley
Kenya Kenya


Hi, man of God. I would like to thank God about you and your ministry. I am a student at PVI and have completed all the diploma courses and looking forward to great things in life.

I will be posting the money for diplomas and will continue to pray for you. I want to open a bible school and use the same material. I am blessed beyond measure.

Thank you and God bless you.

Minister Victor Supulugane
Pretoria, RSA
South Africa South Africa


I am very grateful to be one of the students of PVI. The course are really helping me and I thank God for the wonderful blessings He has blessed with this ministry. Thanks be to all who help and do all the work that we might enjoy the blessings as well.

Every lesson for me I learned more things I did not know before. What a blessing are you PVI. May God Almighty continue blessing the ministry.

Dalitso Dzili
Lilongwe, Central Africa
Malawi Malawi


I am recommending [the courses] to other prospective students because out of all the studies that I have done over the years, [Dr. Kostelnik]'s courses rank with those of Brother W. V. Grant, Sr., and Brother A. A. Allen, both of whom have gone home to be with the Lord. I have studied the works of both of those men as well as many others and am so thankful that I came across these wonderful works.

Pastor Terrance
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada Canada


Thank You, for your support and the Great Courses you offer. They are exciting and brought me to a higher spiritual drive. Thanks to you.

I also feel that God has led me to send a Love offering to this Ministry because of the Great Service you are doing for the Lord.

May God's Blessing be continually all that you do, in 2008.

Naples, FL
United States of America United States of America


I am a ordained Pastor, who has been searching for the answer to the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" question for some time. My wife is spirit-filled and I have experienced some of the fire of what could only be expressed as "the anointing." However, it was not until today that I totally sold out to the idea of the "baptism".

I read your book "Prayer in the Spirit: The Missing Link", and God finally showed me that one can be thoughtful, analytical, even scholarly and still believe in an experiencial phenomenon like Speaking in Tongues. I have enrolled in your courses and will be completing your diplomas shortly.

Please pray for me as I try to lead others in my ministry to the realizations God has showed me.


Ofallon, MO
United States of America United States of America


I am a pastor and I have done all the three courses. I learned a lot and is really helping me in the ministry. You have send me all the certificates. I am very grateful.

Jonathan M.
Harare, Belvedere
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe


Your ministry has been a blessing to me as a powerful tool of instruction and teaching in the Word of God and I would just love to give something back.

If you would like a personal copy of either book [that I have written] you can also contact me directly.

PVI has been my first real experience of teaching and biblically sound spiritual education that is to the level of that of a seminary.

I thank you for that exposure.

Brooklyn, NY
United States of America United States of America


May the Lord richly bless you. I have completed my full ministry course with you. I have started a new church last year 2005, recently baptized about 28 new converts. Thanks for your support.

United Kingdom United Kingdom


I have already completed the three courses offered by the PVI.

It was a blessing for me and a great learning experience.

Sugar-Valley, Ga
United States of America United States of America


I have received all three diplomas from PVI and praise God for the valuable training.

Oconomowoc, WI
United States of America United States of America


I found the PVI course work such a help in developing my practical ministry. It covered a number of valuable lessons that were not presented in my formal Christian college education.

Thank you for this gift to all believers everywhere. Not being overly technical in outlook, I now see that the Lord is using the internet as a powerful tool in spreading His word and encouraging believers to learn and help.

Thank you, Kostelniks, for using the web this way!
I recently completed the diploma programs. While I have not yet received my grades, I nonetheless feel in my heart that I have learned much from the course content which was very well presented. May Our Lord bless you and strengthen you in your continued efforts to bring this training to Christians at large.

Thomas C.
Elgin, IL
United States of America United States of America


I have been reading your site and feel the blessing of God on your work.

It is sad in this day that most ministers have lost sight of what you seem to hold so dear.

North Wilkesboro, NC
United States of America United States of America


Thank you for this great work you have committed to those who are willing to spread the gospel of the Lord.

Killeen, Tx
United States of America United States of America


Thank you for the doors that have been opened to me and my ministries since taking your classes. I learned so very much and have recommended them to my friends. I found them to be correct to Bible teachings, uplifting, and very useful in daily living both as a Christian and Chaplain.

Jane E.
Stafford, Va
United States of America United States of America

Acknowledge receiving discipleship diploma. So with all 3 diplomas (discipleship, deaconate and ministry) I pray Lord, that your Holy Spirit lead and guide me into the ministry you plan for my life; intercession, healing & deliverance or whatever field that I may be of use.

Thanks to the Gospel Truth Ministries for teaching me and I seek further training for ministry (lay)-local or foreign; in Jesus' name I pray.

In Christ,

Malaysia Malaysia

I long wanted to study and be equipped because I wanted to serve GOD but I could not afford tuition. Your ministry is truly an answered prayer. The LORD richly bless you and your ministry.


zamboanga city, zamboanga del sur
Philippines Philippines

I say a sincere thank you for your concern and care for me and my family.

May the lord bless you as together as you call sinners to repentance ,and point them the way to peace with God and hope that is in Christ Jesus.

Again, thank you for your share in our lives , for your encouragement, and for the steps you take to stand with us. God bless you .we are so blessed by the materials you sent to us. my children are also extending their THANK YOU! please let us hearing from you again.

Benin City, Edo State
Nigeria Nigeria

Greetings. It is my delight to take this chance to say big thank you to you for building me up spiritually.
thanks for all Bible correspondence courses you offered to me. I am really blessed and I am teaching the same things in my small congregation...

May God bless you richly. I want to suggest that you open your branch here in Kenya and send me the
materials for the courses so that you don't need to spend a lot of money in postage. I have many pastors
and other church workers who are so much interested in taking these studies with you. They saw the materials you sent to me.

John M.
Kenya Kenya

God richly bless you, your family and your partners for supplying such a wonderful training courses. I have been richly blessed. I am definitely putting it into practice. I felt it was just the Lord was teaching me. I could not ask for anything better so simple, effective and powerful. God richly bless and thank you for building up the body of Christ. I don't mind if you use this letter for my testimony.

Your brother in Christ,

United Kingdom United Kingdom

I just wanted to give thanks for all I am learning through your courses. God is speaking to me through the wonderful course work. I want to thank you for all you have done in the name of our Lord. May you be blessed in all you do for our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

spalding, lincolnshire
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Diploma courses have really benefited my ministry. I have taken the three Diploma courses and found them very helpful and relevant. I have discovered many truths which I never learned in my formal seminary training. I have been using the C.A.M.P. Meetings as part of our church's ministry to develop fellowship, prayer, and devotion to our Lord's teachings. I pray and hope that The Prophetic Voice Institute will develop more courses in the near future. God bless your ministry!!!

Rev. Matthew
Cainta, Rizal
Philippines Philippines

I find your courses to be much more thorough than many classes I've taken in the last three years. I look forward to the third class. I compliment your style of teaching. We can never learn enough, and it never hurts to refresh one's mind.

Jane E.
Stafford, Va
United States of America United States of America

I would like to thank you for offering the courses. I have taken all of them and learned A LOT. You have been a blessing to me and my ministry and I just wanted to say thank you...

I took your courses and wanted to thank you for such great training and for making it available to us. I went through all the courses and found them to be very valuable to me and the ministry. God bless you and thank you so much.

San Jose, Ca
United States of America United States of America

Dear Pastor, I just want to thank you and your staff for the excellent work done in making these courses available. I have found them very comprehensive and useful.

May the Lord Bless you as you continue to serve him.

In His Service,


Singapore Singapore

Diploma in Discipleship


I say thanks for the opportunity you gave me to study the word of God, it was nice cause I have learnt a lot. May God bless you.

Lusaka, lusaka ,kalingalinga
Zambia Zambia


Praise God for this wonderful encounter through this great man of God. In actual fact I am blessed after studying the courses on the online institute program. May God continue to bless this great ministry.

Pastor Samuel Adeyinka
Ojo, Lagos state/western regio
Nigeria Nigeria


I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to study and practice theology.

I promise to improve my reading and meditation on God's word.

I also want to spread the word of God and bring as many people to God as possible.

Rev. Albert Munai
Kenya Kenya


Hi PVI family.

I sincerely want to express my appreciation to Dr. Joseph Kostelnik and the Prophetic Voice Institute family for making available this dynamic and Holy Ghost filled material to study free of charge.

Throughout my study I was amazed at the depth of knowledge and revelation included in this divinely inspired course. My understanding about the Bible and ministry have greatly changed through this course.

I may not have anything to support this wonderful course, but I pray the Lord blessess Dr Joseph Kostelnik and PVI as He makes available for us the financial resources to contribute my qouta into development of this wonderful course in the future.

PVI is beyond expectation!

Thank you.

Israel Kojo
Onitsha, Anambra
Nigeria Nigeria


Am delighted to be part of this great commission in ministry, and am blessed already by the secrets that have been made available through the man of God.

And I believe to learn more as I continue with my study.

Minister Sedson Mordecai
Kafue, Lusaka
Zambia Zambia


I want to Appreciate the Ministry for a platform like this that help me as the Bible student to go deeper into the treasure of God's word through this courses. The studies has really help and improve my knowledge of the word and help my spiritual life as well as answered my of my questions.

I thank the President, Vice President, Dean of Academic and all the members of Team that put together this platform. God will reward you greatly according to His riches in Glory.


Olabode Joseph
Ondo, Ondo
Nigeria Nigeria


The course has really helped me a lot in my ministry and building up of my spiritual life.

Thank you for teaching and support, may God richly bless you.

Minister Lewis
Zambia Zambia


I am immensely indebted to send my sincere thanks to Dr. Joseph Kostelnik and the entire team at the Prophetic Voice Institute, for giving me an opportunity to increase in the knowledge and grace of God, through the Diploma in Discipleship course.

Since 2014, I ministered the Word of God to children of God in different settings, but I myself had a desire to have some training in matters of Christian Doctrine, something which I achieved through Prophetic Voice Institute. I can now boldly teach and mentor others from an informed point of view.

God increase you super abundantly!

Pastor Mathias
Uganda Uganda


I am very grateful and happy to learn from this great wonderful school, have enjoyed the lesson the journey of this Diploma in Discipleship was great.

I have learned a lot good things that I was not even knowing, I am equipped from this great wonderful school. You have great lessons to equip people, this course my life changed completely.

I will to be filled with the Holy Ghost, am grateful, continued to be blessed.

Minister Elijah
Salam Park, Zambia
Zambia Zambia


I have learned a lot in Diploma in Discipleship, indeed as a young minister since I've been empowering young people and make more Christians in my place.

Thank you so much.

Pastor Lindelani
Harrismith , Free State
South Africa South Africa


It's a great privilege to study at Prophetic Voice Institute, I never knew I can achieve this much, until I saw myself being transformed through this institution.

Thank you sir for your selfless work, God bless you sir. Indeed you do not have idea of how your service had touched my life positively. But I pray may the good God bless you and all the member of the management of this institution in Jesus.

Onilearan Paul
Share, Kwara
Nigeria Nigeria


I Praise God for these online courses! This is the most in-depth Bible teaching I've ever had in my life.

Been saved for almost 20 years and also a Pastor. This is by far the best--Thanks so much!!!

Pastor Anthony
Crawfordsville, In
United States of America United States of America


Hi I have to say I was very surprised how much I have learned with these courses. Changed my way of thinking from a perspective of theological biblical teaching.

I am diligently continuing my studies everyday with JESUS as my Lord and Saviour.

Praying for a transformation and restoration in our lives and world. Thank you very much for everything you do.

Gamshini Thomas
Dar Es Salaam, TZA,Tanzania
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, United Republic of


This course was incredible, Diploma in Discipleship. After taking this course I learned so many various things that I will keep with me always.
Thank you for allowing it to be free for all to have access to.

I also began to recognize God's work in my life in numerous ways. My most sincere thanks to all of you and I will continue praying for your continued blessings in these courses.

east falmouth, Massachusetts
United States of America United States of America


Wow, what more can we say if not to give thanks to God for this great opportunity that he gave the whole world, even to Botswana.

My time when I was studying the Discipleship course became a great moment for me to meditate and learn more of my God.

May God sustain this ministry indeed.


Charles Hill, Gantsi District
Botswana Botswana


I believe I got to know this ministry by God's divine arrangement. It was a time I needed to know more considering the fact that the calling of God is so evident in my life. I needed an equipping which will help me.

The study has been insightful. I just finished the study on doctrines, believe me I'm a better person now as I have more hunger for God's word.


Sango Ota, Ogun State
Nigeria Nigeria


Wow! I don't know how to begin or were to begin. I'm filled with an unspeakable joy. I have been a pastor for for more than 11 years and have my own church as an apostle. This is my first time having such training in all this years, since I enrolled to this course the way may I see ministry and do ministry has changed. My church and leadership has reached a new level. I'm really blessed. I'm just out of words.

Mafikeng, North West province
South Africa South Africa


I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to study with you. The course indeed has brought great enlightenment to me.

My eyes have been opened and I have been awakened to great truths---My life now is driven by these truths. I am a new creation as the scriptures have stated of all those in Christ.

Thank you to the team for putting this course together!

Edward Biidok
Accra, Brong Ahafo
Ghana Ghana


I truly want to thank you for all that you do for others! I recently took the Diploma in Discipleship course and found it to be very helpful and insightful!

I actually learned more about the Bible that I didn't know in the beginning. Awesome material.

I look forward to taking the rest of the courses! It is so great to learn and grow more in Christ Jesus!

Minister Teresa
Belden, MS
United States of America United States of America


I've been highly impacted through this course, [my spiritual eyes have been opened].

I was really concerned I couldn't get myself into a bible institute to study God's word, until I came across the Prophetic Voice Institute. All my worries are over. Now I'm fully loaded.

I was thinking about financial constraint. Through the correspondence scholarship I believe by his grace I'll complete all the courses.

John Blesson
Greater Accra , Accra
Ghana Ghana


I am very happy I have accomplished my dreams. I have gained more knowledge and equipped with the word of God ready to be a soul winner.

In Kenya you cannot be allowed to preaching without a certificate. Now I can broadly proclaim the word of God without hiding.

You have given me more than gold. Truly you are God set. Thanks and God bless you big.

653 Nyeri, Embakasi
Kenya Kenya


Blessed greetings in the name of our Almighty [Yahweh],

I thank God the most High for leading me to your beautiful website and allowing me to received this wonderful training and Qualification. I have always been desiring to acquire a Bachelors Degree Qualification and I thank God that this is my steeping stone as I proceed in my studies with you in the further level.

It is powerful, well equipping and detailed illustrated materials and content for to carry out our ministry's work God has given us. I am highly impressed and happy so far for what I have acquired. May our God bless you in the good work you doing.

Dr. Nyakulo
Zambia Zambia


I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The course on Discipleship and Doctrine was very helpful, now I feel more empowered to witness, I will be going straight into the next course.

I can encourage those who want to study but have no money to study through PVI. Thank you so much for your teachings, may God bless you more.

Best regards.

Botswana Botswana


This course diploma in Discipleship motivated me, as I was reading the book my faith got lifted up and I started to realize how much we need the Holy Spirit in our life, especially when we face challenges and temptations of this life under the sun.

All the Glory to God and thank you Prophetic Voice Institute founder (Joseph Kostelnik).

Pastor Onkarabile Karabo
Gaborone, KWENENG
Botswana Botswana


Ever since I started reading this course, my preaching has changed. It is sweet when you preach what you know from its origin, not just the spiritual but also the physical. Life in Prophetic Voice Institute is the best.

These courses are quite inspiring. I just finished the course in discipleship...

I will forever remain grateful.

Rev. Shalom

Cameroon Cameroon


I am very grateful to God for connecting me to this ministry, it really bring change to my life and ministry, both spiritually and physically. I return all glory to God, it give me joy unspeakable.

Minister Jeremiah Ebalume
Kaduna, Kaduna State
Nigeria Nigeria


The practicality of the course I was doing (Diploma in Discipleship) is beyond extreme, too much informative and what makes it even more unique is fact that it's not based on Man Made Doctrine except the practicality and application of the Word of God.

It has brought much light and made me realize I made no mistake by fulfilling the purpose of God. So looking forward to my second course which is Diploma in Deaconate and my third course Diploma in Ministry.

Pastor Cyril
Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal/Northdale
South Africa South Africa


The content in these courses are truly Divinely sent to us by God through Dr. Kostelnik, to build us, train us and prepare us to minister and in the Body of Christ according to the Divine wisdom from God.

I found the Discipleship course very helpful, and deep in its content to be applied in our daily lives and ministry. Greater knowledge and wisdom about ministry has been imparted upon me through these amazing teachings.

My the Lord continue to bless and uplift Dr. Kostelnik in his ministry,

I humbly appreciate your support and teaching.

Emanuel Pascoal Van-Dunem
Mongu, Luanda
Angola Angola


This is to let you know that the Discipleship course has open much understanding in me. I was blank but now growing thank God for such help, it make me to grow in ministry. May God bless you Rev for helping with such information, look forward for exams in January, 2017.

Minister Francis
Lusaka, Lusaka
Zambia Zambia


"Greetings in the Matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ!" I want to just say a big Thank You, for allowing me to study with your wonderful institute.

I have been involved myself, with prophetic ministry for several years. The Pentecostal denomination that I grew up in, never had any books or teachings for me to learn about the ministry of the prophet. Although I do play many musical instruments, sing and have had many visions and dreams, I never really knew of what to do with them. I told of my inward knowing, that I really sensed a calling to preach and sing. They told me, that I was an evangelist and maybe a pastor someday. Such confusion and heartache, that I had to endure ahead.

The prophetic ministry, really started taking a hold of me around 2003. Thus, I really started my search in this prophetic calling stuff. I have read a lot of prophetic material and even been among other prophets, whom I didn't know personally, whom would call me out prophesy and even confirm my inward calling.

I am 52 years old as I write this and I started preaching when I was 15, in house meetings, mid-week services, etc. I said all that to say this; PVI has helped me in so many ways, to understand real ministry and how it works. Thank you a thousand times over. I recently finished your first course, and I can't wait to get to the second phase of it.

I have traveled all over our country through the years preaching and singing about our blessed Gospel, but it really seems that I am getting a fresh wind of the Spirit (through your course), to go better equipped this time. To God be a the praise, honor and glory, that is certainly due His Name.

Again, Thank You and your Ministry ever so much, for what you have published and brought forth for His Kingdom training and use. God bless & Shalom! Brother & Student,

Darrell K.
Lorain, Ohio
United States of America United States of America


The course has helped me to have a very close relationship with God and knowing the doctrines much better.

Zambia Zambia


This training has brought a breakthrough in my life. It is the first time I am completing a bible training program.

For some years now negative spirits has placed a total blockage so that I may not study the word. I have registered with about three bible schools and guess what will always happen, I will abandon my studies and never return to the site.

But PVI holds the key to my transformation and I will testify that it was the spirit of God that guided me to your institute. I remember I was looking for something else when the spirit of God arrested me and I had to study the word of God and as from today there is no turning back till the word takes control of my entire life.

My journey has just started and I believe great things are ahead of me. Greetings to all and may God continue to bless the PVI.

Julius Ndanga
Limbe, South West Region
Cameroon Cameroon


This course, Diploma in Discipleship, has greatly increased both my spiritual knowledge and spiritual maturity. That means it will make me to have enough knowledge of Christianity and when I will be preaching I preach the truth of the Lord God from heaven and His loved Son, Jesus Christ. I have already started to teach member of my Church.

My Lord allow me to make more disciples by using knowledge gained from the course of DISCIPLESHIP, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Rev. Rodrick
Lilongwe, Southern Region of Africa
Malawi Malawi



I am believer for 20 years, but I feel a big change in my life from last year, 2014, in December, a big changing. I feel that I am not the same person as before even when I was a believer. This year I got the Gift of the Holy Spirit, spoke in tongues, and the Holy Spirit gives me another Gift, this Gift is Really Really Great and Wonderful Amazing thing, for me, Prophecy.

This is not accident about Bible College which I have started through Gospel Truth Ministries. I think this is guidance of Holy Spirit, I am really happy and satisfied with Diploma in Discipleship. God had help me to pass this course, I really appreciate your whole staff.

I give special thank brother REV. Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D. He is doing GREAT job in this world, may God bless you.

Jyväskylä, Keski- Suomi
Finland Finland


I write you this day in the Mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is with gratitude to the almighty God that I am saying a very big thank you to the board management of the PVI regarding the wonderful journey which they have taken me in the Diploma course, THE DISCIPLESHIP. I have been blind, but now I can see the truth in the word of God.

I enrolled into this course freely on scholarship due to financial instabilities. On my exam record, with the score of 93%, I am happy and will do my best to impact this great knowledge of the scripture which this ministry has passed unto me, I will do the same in the world. I also promise that the Prophetic Voice Institute right now is my spiritual lineage. I will from now and in near future as the almighty make available, to support both materially, financially and physically to the spreading of this great work of God. I so much appreciate this. My life has never been the same since I enrolled into this great school of ministry.

May the almighty God Continue to bless the sent man of this commission and his works in the edification of the body of Christ, preparing, making, ordaining and sending disciples to the field of God's work. May God also bless all the board members of this great institution.

Thank you,

Pastor Christopher
Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa


What a marvelous course, I have learned a lot, my knowledge has grown to great
heights. I really appreciate, may God continue blessing the institute.

Lusaka, lusaka/zambia
Zambia Zambia


Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to PVI for the wonderful programs through online learning.

I thought I knew better the word of GOD, but after reading the first course, I now know importance of learning. Looking forward for the next remaining courses.

May GOD all mighty continue to lift GTM and the PVI team in Jesus' name.

Kaoma, Western Province
Zambia Zambia


Grace and peace be unto you all.

I would like to pass my sincere gratitude to the grace of Dr. Joseph and above all I appreciate the grace of God operating in their ministry. Indeed your practical teachings are second to none sir.

I have just completed my Diploma in Discipleship course and my ministerial life has been dramatically changed by those 20 lessons. By them I believe I am going to be a better disciple of Jesus in the 21st century. I believe by them and by God's grace I am going to set my nation Botswana on fire for our Master Jesus.

Dr. Joseph your free of charge courses are such a blessing to us, May God bless you sir abundantly.

Kefentse Festus
Gaborone, Maun
Botswana Botswana


I am very happy with what I have learnt from this course. It has opened my eyes and now I can explain a lot of things that I didn't understand before I had this experience.

I am recommending this course to every minister looking at what I have become because of this great teaching. Thank you very much!

Moses Letso
Gaborone, not available
Botswana Botswana


First of all I would like thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for allowing me to get this far, and for helping m find this website on which the desires of my heart are being accomplished.

I was born in DRC but moved to South Africa since September 2006, now with wife Sandra and 2 little girls, 5 years Darlen and 8 months Harmony. The desire of serving got me since I was a little boy about 8 years, maybe it's because I grew up in a Christian family but my heart has never stopped wanting to know God Jehovah more and more. I go church, I pray home, I go where the gospel teachings are given, I read the bible, in 2010 I went to a certain college and did couple of courses BUT I HAVE NEVER FELT WHAT I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW OR SINCE I FOUND PVI.




Minister Mackdarryl
Witbank, Mpumalanga
South Africa South Africa


Praise the Lord! I bless the name of the Lord for directing me to this site,I must say thank you to Dr. Kostelnik for his good works, only God that will reward him.

I just finished my first course now, it wasn't easy but as God will have it His own way; I swimmed through!

I also pray to continue with the remaining two because, this first course has really bring me more closer to God and I now know his plan and purpose in my life. I pray to take the remaining courses and equip myself very well for His work here on earth planet.

Please brethren, devil might not be happy because you are doing the right thing as a child of God and may want to attack you, so try and be prayerful. God bless this ministry and richly increase your anointing. Amen.

Iorbee Tersugh
Karu, FCT
Nigeria Nigeria


Ooh! Jesus. I want to thank the Lord for the strength and courage I have got from Him during my studies of the first course. Really this was beautiful and equipping, I feel very much empowered as I understand better the doctrine of the bible and the discipleship.

I am a Pastor by the call of God and did not go through formal education of the Bible, but NOW I have gained more essence of the WORD, the material included in this course is so powerful, I am empowered by the word through the Holy Spirit and I am a better somebody to the knowledge of His Word, that reveals amazing things in my spirit and the truth of His Word. Really studying is a powerful thing that makes a person a very organised preacher or the one that can share the word effectively without contradictions on the Bible.

I thank Dr.Joseph Kostelnik for the wisdom used when compiling this material continue to do good always. I Love YOU the ANOINTED SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. This was not a simple Journey for me, as I remember I registered for the course in March 2014, I wanted to make sure that I do not undermine the format of questions of the Test or using a guess work. God Bless.

Continue to pray for me for the effectiveness of the work of God in my territory and I believe that God will do it in the power of the name of Jesus Christ my saviour. Amen.

Pastor Ronny Mosima
Polokwane, Limpopo
South Africa South Africa


I love the doctrine sections of the book, it teaches a lot about different studies (Theology, Christology, Pneumatology, Bibliology, etc.) and the discipleship section is just whaooo with great spiritual insights.

THANK GOD FOR THIS VISION....I have a related vision and this is helping to put me on track.

Minister Omololu
Abuja, fct
Nigeria Nigeria


I have just finished my Discipleship course and what a rude awakening.

Please send me the next course, Diploma in Deaconate.

I thank you!

Mutare, Manicaland
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe


Thank you Dr. Kostelnik for this for wonderful course. It has taught me what is Christian and about GOD.

The course has build me both physical and spiritual, Through the impartation of the Gift of Holy Spirit, I have gather twenty three members to pray with every Saturday Morning.

If am now a REV. Minister through your course.

KUDOS to GOD and Dr. Kostelnik for this big dreams and vision to trained Minister for the work of GOD. After my third course am pleading with Dr. Kostelnik to ordained me to full ministerialship.

Long live Dr. Kostelnik!! Long live Gospel Truth Ministries and Prophetic Voice Institute.

Rev. Ebenezer
Ghana Ghana


Thank you for helping me to come closer to the living Father (GOD) and to have more desire to serve him. In fact have enjoyed the course, the noticed are very nice when i shared with somebody immediately also he applied.

But devil is a liar, when I started the course devil closed my eyes I could not see how to fill, then I printed questions and filled them so that I can answer online while seeing on the printed papers. But when I checked for the paper I could not see them for whole day then following day. I checked paper to paper for one hour not seeing then I started thanking God, that thank you Father for you knew that those answers were not correct that's why you have decided to hide them so that you can give me the correct answer to pass well. Immediately the very paper which I had checked before it was still even my hand become the paper I was looking for. OH my God I was very happy.

May the Lord God of heaven and the earth bless and add more years to Dr Joseph and mum Barbra Kostelnik in Jesus' name.

USA Consulate Embassy, Basra
Iraq Iraq


I don't have words to express my gratitude towards the Lord for the vision that He gave to His servant to equip us to be able to equip His church in return. I studied previously with two different institutions, but there was still something missing and the missing link I have found at PVI.

The Diploma in Discipleship was a real eye opener to me as I have learned things that I did not know as a Minister. One of my friends also a Pastor promised me some material to help me to gain word knowledge, and it is about a month that I am still waiting.

Thank God one day as I was browsing the net, I came across PVI and I found the same material that I was promised but better. I must say that I am better than before I started to study with you and I believe at the and of the final course I will be better equipped. Praise the Lord for PVI.

Minister Molifi Jimmy
Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa


I really love this course, I am happy that I have completed this one.

Looking forward to do the others, it is important to know the word and to rightfully divide the word.

Thank you.

Trinidad, West Indies
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago


The Diploma in Discipleship course was such an eye opener. I thought I knew, but the course has had so much knowledge to offer me. I am going to be more effective in ministry. Glory be to God.

Pastor Motlatsi Joshua
Maseru, Southern Africa
Lesotho Lesotho


Thank you for offering these spirit-filled courses. I really gained a lot as I continue my study with GOSPEL TRUTH MINISTRIES. I will support this ministry with my prayers and offerings. Thank you so much.

Mccomb, MS
United States of America United States of America


Glory! Let me said it again, glory! The course about discipleship, I really enjoy; and I discover things that as a pastor change my mind in the Gospel.

Dr Kostelnik, thank you; and my bible school and my leader's team will enjoy the courses.

Glory to Jesus! I will use that in my bible school, in fact I introduce this year a new course from you, Thanatology.

Rev. Daniel Maurice
Wouri-douala, Littoral
Cameroon Cameroon


I'm studying the Diploma in Discipleship & my life is changed. I'm not the same. My ministry is elevated. My relationship with God has grown. Thanks Rev Joseph Kostelnik.

Phephile Mbali
Manzini, Manzini
Swaziland Swaziland


I was called to Ministry a short while ago, and had been trying to find a course that would help me. God brought me to your site. I learned so much.

The Bible study that was outlined in the course, I have incorporated into my personal bible study, what a blessing.

I have learned so much more from the Word, then reading the bible chronologically. Thank you so very much you are truly Blessed.

Buhl, Idaho
United States of America United States of America


This course was great! I have been called into the Ministry and I looked online for course and this one has been the best and free.... as I live in a small town and courses on Ministry are not plentiful so this was great....There is so much info in here. I was speaking to my bro-n-law about it who lives in another city and teaches theology with a PHD.....I will be taking all courses and sowing my seed back into the MINISTRY>>>I trust you Lord I'm walking in the overflow >>>I believe if I sow my seed>>I'm walking increase!

Monica F.
Dublin, Ga.
United States of America United States of America


I have been assisting my husband in pastoring our ministry which my husband founded. Our ministry is self supporting and because of tight finances I cannot afford to pay for extending my Biblical Studies, so I searched the net and accidentally came across this website.

Your teachings have helped me in a phenomenal way that only God knows. I have just recently done the Diploma in Discipleship, and I thought that I knew a few things, but through this study I am determined to remain a student all my life. This study has really opened up my eyes in the way that I study, receive, understand and share the Word of God.

May the Lord continue to bless your ministry in a phenomenal way that only He knows how.

Pastor Sera
Mexico City
Mexico Mexico


This is to sincerely pass on my vote of thanks to the entire team of PVI and to our beloved Pastor.

This course is really a blessing. I have just finished the Diploma in Discipleship, it was not an easy go but so enriching and full of insight.

Thank you so much and may God continually keep on amazing us through you his vessels.

Kampala, kampala
Uganda Uganda


I have really been overwhelmed at the richness of the course. It has greatly expanded my horizon of the spiritual knowledge. Not only knowledge but my spiritual maturity will never be the same as I practice what I have imbibed.

May the Lord enable me to reflect the "fruit." Amen.

Philip Kampepule
Mzuzu, Northern
Malawi Malawi


The course in discipleship has transformed my life and the Ministry I have of evangelism. May the Lord richly bless you.

My church congregation of 100 would also like to do the course, I hope to open a branch of prophetic voice institute in Kenya, Homabay town soon. I do welcome you to Kenya soon for a crusade. Thanks.

Otieno Steve
, homabay
Kenya Kenya


I thank God for the opportunity given to me to be able to study the Diploma in Discipleship. PVI is a really important tool for effective training of the gospel.

Studies by Dr. Joseph Kostelnik are an important tool for developing solid Christian with biblical principles and enables them to perform every good work.

Go forward with God's help!

Chalchuapa, Santa Ana
El Salvador El Salvador


First of all, I thank God for leading me to this great place of His knowledge, may His name alone be praised forever, Amen.

I also thank the entire members and staff of PVI for making these studies free for the entire world through God's inspirations.

I have just completed the Diploma in Discipleship course, and I thank God for the success.

May the Lord Jesus enlarge your walls without boundaries, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Nigeria Nigeria


I have just finish my course on Discipleship and I am extremely please with the entire course. It was simple and easy to read and find corresponding scriptures.

For the first time I can honestly say I am of the understanding of who and what I am in Christ. Every bible believing, born again church should use this course for their discipleship class. It is concise, clear and has been written with love and compassion that resonates throughout the course, speaking of the writer's need to get the participant to fully live in victory in their new found inheritance in Christ.

[Thank you,] Dr Kostelnik, for submitting to the Divine's direction in preparing this course and thank you for having the heart of Christ to do it in spite of.

I have taken the challenge of winning one a year for the Kingdom and I will be using this course and my bible as a witnessing tool. Thanks much and God richly bless you here and in the hereafter.

Sueann P. V.
Brooklyn, NEW YORK
United States of America United States of America


Thank you Dr. Kostelnik for your free online ministry training.

While I have been home sick the past few weeks I have been on your site day and night. I just can't seem to get enough. I have learned more in the past two weeks than I could have ever imagined and I only finished up the Discipleship course.

This course has filled in some blanks for me and confirmed some things I have been unsure about. When I finished reading page 129 I got so excited when I read it, I ran into my daughters room and read it to her. It was like God was giving me the answer.

I am going on to the next course after I finish reading your book suggestions and listening to your sermons related to each book.

Thank you for doing God's work.

Denise C
Warren, MI
United States of America United States of America


I recently completed the Diploma in Discipleship. The materials were extremely well written, scholarly and very professionally presented. I found the content doctrinally accurate, challenging and thought provoking. I felt the Holy Spirit truly working through this curriculum.

PVI has blessed my journey with the Lord and helped deepen it beyond words. May God continue to bless your ministry and extend it to all the nations!

Irvine, CA
United States of America United States of America


On reading day and night the contents of "Diploma in Discipleship", I have been revived. This revival is similar to one I had in the year 2004 after reading a book called "Manifestation of the sons of God" written by David Oyedepo, which left me filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking other tongues.

I had been lying on a sickbed healing after losing my left leg in 2003 through a road accident. I don't blame God or Satan for it. I had been ignoring the call of God into ministry even after saving me in 1994. God however showed me that my lost leg is going to be creatively restored.

Diploma in Discipleship has found me afflicted at home by extreme economic hardship after the Principal of the school I had been posted to teach by my government fabricated a case against me because I couldn't stop preaching Christ to my High School students. I am revived and trust God even more to work out things for me.

This course is too great and I hope there shall be a transcript showing the 20 units covered. It is greaaaaaaat.

Dr. Robert Muthama
Masii, Machakos
Kenya Kenya


I have really enjoyed these first lessons in Diploma in Discipleship, I never knew there was so much information, on God and the Holy Spirit and so much more.

What really got me were the choices that Adam and Eve had in the garden of Eden. We have always learned they had a choice to obey or disobey but never were told they had a choice to call on God, a third choice that really blew me out of the water.

I took my exam on Diploma in Discipleship and I passed and will be receiving my first diploma.

I am now going to my next lesson in Diploma in the Deaconate.

This school helps me because I can't afford to pay for a school program. I thank God for this school, I know when I get through all my three diploma programs, it will have equaled an associate degree program.

I will pray that God keeps this school program strong and to bless this school and their teachers, and all who are involved in this school.

Thank you!

Minister Diane
Winter Garden, florida
United States of America United States of America


Daddy, I have found a new way of living my Christian life as a Christian and as a minister of the Gospel ever since I got and started studying the Diploma in Discipleship course.

I am very grateful to God who directed me to you. Thank you sir, for the scholarship.

THANKS A LOT. May God continue to strengthen you in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Wisdom C.
Abakaliki, Ebonyi State
Nigeria Nigeria


God has so richly blessed me since beginning this program.

I had a dear friend who lost a parent, and because of the training here and truly studying God's words, and of course the Comforter which is the Holy Spirit (John 14:16: "and I will pray the Father and he shall give you another Comforter"), He lead me to remember Jesus on the cross - Luke 23:43: "Truly I tell you today you shall be with me in paradise."

And praise the Lord for Jesus' resurrection and thank Him. It gave them the grace of God to remember what His promises are... they received the grace of God that gave them peace inside.


Fibey J.
Kaplan, louisiana
United States of America United States of America


I want to thank God first and also Dr. Kostelnik for putting together this wonderful course.

I have gained a lot from it and i have also recommended the course to a pastor friend of mine.

Yenagoa, Bayelsa State
Nigeria Nigeria


I really enjoyed this class.It was so knowledgeable. I learned so much by studying the word and looking up scriptures.

It's a "Blessing" that you offer these classes free of charge. Thanks again.

I've been so blessed and inspired.

Minister Sylvia
Leesburg, Virginia
United States of America United States of America


I am very please with the Discipleship course that I took from you and I must say; it is one of the best out there.

Therefore, I think that you should charge at least $10 for the processing [for the diploma]. Don't get me wrong, a man can never put a price on God's words. The Gospel is priceless. I believe all of the Christians that are taking the courses would agree.

Thank you for all the wonderful job. God bless you.

Rev. James
Hagerstown, MD
United States of America United States of America


I am happy I finished the course of Diploma in Discipleship. It encouraged me to study more Christian courses.

Thanks and God bless all.

Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, United Republic of


Dear Pastor, I just completed the first course in Dicipleship. It was great. I learnt so many truths that I did not know. It has helped me personaly to get more closer to the Lord. I thank you and your staff for such commited work. The Lord would bless you all and your ministries. God Bless!

Harold David
Kegalle, Sabaragamuwa
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka


Dear pastor, the material you have provided for the discipleship training is very excellent. It gives me an in-depth study that would help me in my daily life.

I am a recovering alcoholic, and I am living in a independent sober-living environment. So yes indeed, I feel that there is indeed a miracle from the power of God in the working as I study the word.

George F.
San Bernardino, California
United States of America United States of America


These are wonderful courses. I have just finished the first course and I learned a great deal. You could too!

Bolton, GMANCH
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I can not believe how beneficial the first couse is. I took the exam thinking that it was going to be an easy one; it was not.

This course made me go back and study the doctrine and dicipleship again with diligence.

Thank you so much and I will definitely sow into this ministry financially. I love you all.

Baltimore, Maryland
United States of America United States of America


I am so inspired and challenged by the courses I am going through right now with your institute.

My understanding has already changed, I am getting blessed over here I tell you.

I am leading a home cell church in a small town in the second capital city of Zimbabwe called Bulawayo, and I will be teaching from most of the topics I have learnt in my first course.


Bulawayo, Matabeleland
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe


It is more of a blessing to be taking a course in Discipleship as I wrote the other time. I wish the whole world hears my testimony and read courses and books from you to testify the life transforming truth in the study of the word of God which is also made simple and interesting.

Indeed, words can not express my experience but I know that your courses are blessings to many. I pray that God in His own true ways shall replenish all that you have lost in bringing these study to the door steps of many like me FREE of cost. I am blessed to be studying the word of God and hope to transform the world around me through His grace.

I wish this and all my testimonials be pasted in your site if you may permit. God Bless You All.

Jacob Owusu
Effiduase - Koforidua, Eastern Region
Ghana Ghana


I love the Diploma in Discipleship studies, I'll be finished with it soon... if there is a cost [for the test], I will be more than happy to pay.

This course changed my life and I want to continue what ever you have.

Thank you and God bless you and your staff.

Milford, DE
United States of America United States of America


Thanking you for your online courses, the school is being a blessing to me and my church.

May the good Lord bless the Prophetic Voice Institute.

Thank you, and may God bless you richly through Christ.

Pastor Kola
Mando, Kaduna
Nigeria Nigeria


First I have to thank PVI for allowing and putting we student through this free program like this. It has been to source of inspiration, renewal and revival now in my life and that of others...

I really want to comment that this teaching has really help me a lot since giving my life to Jesus as my Lord and Saviour on the 13th of December, 2007 and I have really get involve in doing His service and winning soul to My Lord. I now know broadly about the Bible what it really means to be a Christian and how to live Christian life.

Itiam Etoi Uyo, Akwa Ibom
Nigeria Nigeria


Greetings in Jesus' name!

I received your first course in the three part series! I was so excited! I can't wait to go through it as God teaches me more of His Truths! Thank you so much! I will let you know when am through and when am ready to take my first test.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to learn more and grow that I too may be a blessing to others!

Blessings to all,

Uganda Uganda


I have just started this and am finding it very challenging. I have been refreshed by finding somewhere where I can find the undiluted word of God.

Liberia Liberia


I'm currently using your online course Discipleship and Love it. This has jump started my First Love for the Lord. Would like a paper back one. So I can High Light some main material. I'm Looking to start a small church group. And this material will prepare me for a successful journey for the work of the Lord. Praise the Lord Jesus, for PVI.

Naples, FL
United States of America United States of America


I have read through your material time after time and I have found it rewarding. I am currently a member of the Baptist Student Fellowship and I want to report to you that we are using your material as a discipleship material in our fellowship. It is very rich and must recommend it to everyone.

Asaba, Delta State
Nigeria Nigeria


Praise God for this course and I am going to take the other two right away. And from the age of 13, in the 7th grade, God called me out to be an apostle, and later, at 15 to be a "prophet unto the nations." And this course has taught me knew things about God and His Word. Praise God.

Weston, Florida
United States of America United States of America


Since enrolling in this course I have enjoyed every lesson presented. What is surprising is that my bible studies seem to be coordinated with the preaching in church or on TV. I find that after reading a text the next time I watch TV or go to church the sermon is based on that. This has made me concentrate on bible studies more than any other lessons.What I have now learned is that Christian living is a package. One has to pray,praise God, trust God and obey Gods command in order to get his blessings. Most Christian teachings in churches emphasize prayer as the only important activity in a Christians life.

Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa


I love it so much it exposes one to the basis of truth on God's word and prepares on to be the best student of the Word and a terror to the devil. I love it all.

Nigeria Nigeria


Greetings in his grace!

Hope you are all well and that the Lord may bless you abundantly in all things. I'm so grateful to express my sincere gratitude that l am being blessed in every chapter of the course, so far so good I have gone through 7 chapters and learned a great deal and blessed every step every way with the Lord.

Thank you very much may the Lord bless you and your families not forgetting his church.

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe


This is the most intelligent, well-thought-out, thorough teaching I've ever seen offered on the internet. A most excellent course!

Mary Catherine
Bedford, TX
United States of America United States of America


I would like to say thanks for the wonderful course in discipleship studies.

They were really packed with in-depth information and although they were short studies. They covered all the major points answering many of my questions.

They have really been a blessing and I know God will continue to bless you as you spread his word. I would like to continue in these great studies of Gods Word.

Bristol, Virginia
United States of America United States of America


I studied the complete book, It is wonderful book, I was blessed by this. I got many new things during the study of the book " Doctrine" I believe that this book is the need of every believer and need to teach these studies in not only class room but also in church, that every men and women of God can understand the basic doctrine of Christian Faith. May God bless you.

I have never seen such small and complete book on Christian faith doctrine in my life. I encourage every believer to study these courses.

Quetta, Balochistan
Pakistan Pakistan


I have just downloaded all the courses, both in doctrine and discipleship and can't wait to dive into my studies, the anointing is so powerful from this web site and I know God is going to use these teachings in a mighty way in my life. Pray that I will be diligent to finish what I start.

I intend to complete both the deaconate diploma and the ministry diploma as well.

I looked at several different Bible schools, all expensive, I am so grateful God has led me to your school, I don't believe it's a mistake.

Thank you for offering this cost effective way for me to be equipped for ministry.

Omaha, Nebraska
United States of America United States of America


Excellent program! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in growing in their knowledge of discipleship. Study to show thyself approved...unto God - always.

Be blessed.

Killeen, Texas
United States of America United States of America


This is a very confirming course. I have been in Ministry for some time and never had a discipleship course. So God does provide and it is assuring to have the proper doctrine.

Greely, Ontario
Canada Canada


Thank you so kindly for your unerring and concise method of teaching the precious Word of God.

I am a family man born and raised in the Church of God. These past 20 years I have desired to study academically the Word to be a leader to the Lord's people.

Thank you again for the opportunity to study for a diploma in Discipleship.

Toowoomba, Queensland
Australia Australia


I received the package sent to me by scholarship. I am so surprised that this program is REAL. I have been studying the material and the contents are so rich that I find it difficult to believe it was send to me free!!! Please continue! Your reward is already growing in heaven.

benin city, edo
Nigeria Nigeria


My hope is to continue with the next two levels and to get a big certificate because I'm really very blessed with those courses.

Thank you for all your are doing to feed the body of Christ and to break the barrier of ignorance.

May God bless you all and happy new year in Jesus.

Benjamin Batou
Cape-Town, Western Cape
South Africa South Africa


Greetings, in the name of our Lord JESUS Christ.

My Name is Thomas J. Speck, I am taking all 3 courses and the first one told me things that truly opened my eyes & now I can truly start my ministry.

I have other people interested in the courses also. I just recently got ordained, & I truly feel God calling me to preach his word.

In his service 4 ever,

Kenton, Ohio
United States of America United States of America


This Course Taught Me A Lot About God!


Southampton, NY
United States of America United States of America


Thank you for helping me clarify and understand some common errors in the teaching of the Gospel. I really injoyed the course.

I have encountered many Bible courses and I would have to say this one ranks at the top. I have been to seminary school and taken several additional courses on theology and find this one to be quite clear and easy to understand.

Again thank you for your help in clearing up some issues such as the rapture and the second coming of Christ. There are a lot of different beliefs today which cause a lot of confusion among the saints.

Middleburg, Florida
United States of America United States of America


Both of the books were inspiring and encouraging to my life. It has brought changes in my life.

In taking the exam it was difficult for me, because I was force to submit to discipline, so whether I did well or bad, I still was blessed in learning to study.

I believe if one takes this course, it will teach him about himself and that's what matters.

Phoenix, Arizona
United States of America United States of America


I have just finished the discipleship and doctrine courses and it has been nothing but total help.

In the past I have taken courses at local colleges but for me this has been a true learning experience.

I am looking forward to the other courses as soon as possible.

Killeen, Texas
United States of America United States of America


I thank the Lord for having you on the internet. I had been praying asking the Lord to help me understand him, and his whole creation.

I have just received my computer about one month ago along with a printer (a blessing from God) and I decided on May 2, 2003 to do a search on the many names of God, and i came upon the website.

There I found the answer to one of my many prayers: to learn more about him his word the whole nine yards. God is going to bless you continuously, because I pray for you.

Just to make sure that I do not hog up the computer from my children I printed the whole first lesson the same night that I found the website.

May God bless you, and I love you just like Jesus does.

United States of America United States of America


Praise the Lord! I just finished the first study and was truly bless.

I would like permission to use your studies on an ongoing basis with a fellowship which I pastor. I would honor your commitment to offering the course free and giving complete credit all course material to you and your ministry.

I would also take care of the reproduction of each the course material so you are not burdened with the added expense or use of your time.

Registering all who take the course with your ministry by mail and requiring the testing and diploma all be done also through your ministry. Asking each member of the fellowship to give an offering for the cost of reproduction and to sow in the work you are doing.

I do not desire anything but to use your material as a teaching tool in a setting where meaningful, thoughtful discussions may also be had for greater understanding.

God bless you and your ministry.

Southfield, MI
United States of America United States of America


Praise the Lord ! Thank you Brother Kostelnik for the opportunity that you have given me to study for free while I was in Haiti.

God has been good to me and the word that I have received from your teachings have helped me and many others.

Brooklyn, Ny
United States of America United States of America


Since I started this Ministry I have noticed positive change not only in my life but the life lives of those I minister to . Thank God for your Ministry.

Having finished my first course and upon your working and desire to continue with the next Diploma in the Deaconate (helps).

May your ministry expand and be blessed abundantly.

Remain Blessed,

Rev. Bwembya Epidious
Zambia Zambia

After going through the contents I am so excited. The work has just begun. This is just what I have been looking for. Most of the questions I have had over the years about Christianity are going to be answered. I will pray God everyday to give me the courage to complete this first study of the Doctrine.

Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa

Thoughts could not express my words and appreciation even though, you sent the materials to me free and also making me to know that I'm on scholarship, my prayer for you and your ministry is that your source of wisdom, inspiration, strength and benevolence will never know bound and God will continually meet you at the point of your need.

Sir, i believe the material you sent and the subsequent ones you will send will equip me to meet the Master's use and to be a blessing to the unsaved. Soonest, I will return the answer booklet for your grading.

Once again , I say that I am very grateful.

joseph O.
ikotun, lagos
Nigeria Nigeria

I am really very blessed by the grace of Jesus. Actually I'm still studying my course on the Doctrine and it's nice; I wanted to request if possible to Dr. Joseph Kostelnik to very deep in the development of some subject to make it be more more and more interest because it's already. I appreciate and I enjoy reading those courses since I knew about it specially "How to be guided by God" that made boost and it open my knowledge.

Thank you very much, may the most High Elohim grant you more revelations to share with his own people redeemed by his blood.

Benjamin Batou
Cape-Town, Western Cape
South Africa South Africa

I found both Doctrine and Discipleship very informative. This course has deepened my understanding of the Christian Faith. This, and reading "The Message, The New Testament in Contemporary Language" by Eugene Peterson has re-opened my eyes to the message of Jesus. When one's eyes are opened by Jesus, a person tends to follow Him.

I would like to thank you for your efforts and would enjoy taking your next course of this series.

Bloomington, Illinois
United States of America United States of America

I took the course on discipleship. After taking the course I took sick had cervical infusion surgery on my neck. The information I gathered from this course gave me faith to help me during my surgery. God heal my body when the doctor said I should have been paralyzed. Thank you for sharing the word of God on the internet. I am sharing it with other Christians and family... I constantly go back and study different lessons of part one. It was strength for me. I can't express how much it helped me too grow.


Diploma in the Deaconate


The Prophetic Voice Institute's courses, Diploma in Discipleship and the Deaconate, by Dr. Joseph Kostelnik, these are in-depth courses, I wish all leaders will do to enhance them well in work of God.
Personally, I have been enlightened on some doctrine issues.
I am assisting my lead Pastor. I am ready to study more and more.
Thank you very much.
God bless you.

Valco Flat - Ashaiman , Greater Accra
Ghana Ghana


Hello, I am really thank to Our Lord Jesus Christ Help me cover this second course. I am more than happy, I am satisfied about this course, God is MIGHTY He help those request from him, God is using me in small area, like little services.

Last Sunday I was in International service God gives me vision and I told it in service, three peoples accept that this message for them, and six young peoples request me that I pray for them, praise GOD.

God bless all you, and special thank brother Dr. Kostelnik, pastor.

Jyväskylä, Keski- Suomi
Finland Finland


I have read most of the course on Diploma in the Deaconate, it has been very informative and easy to understand.

It has been a blessing to me and I will do the best I can to support your ministry, as I have one also and I want to help others as you do.

Rev. Patricia E.
Bandy, Virginia
United States of America United States of America


As to the two courses that I have studied with you, I want to compliment you on the great work that you have done. It is easy to sense the touch of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon your life in these important studies. That anointing flows through the pages of the courses that you have put together.

May the Lord continue to use you to reach the world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation through His wonderful name.

Pastor Terrance
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada Canada


I am doing my second course, Diploma in the Deaconate and well I have been blown away by the book, "The Empty Office"! I love it so much! I cant wait to study more of God's precious truths and let them illuminate my whole being! ...

I finally came to a close of my course, Diploma in the Deaconate! How it was a blessing to me! Especially as I discovered the office of the deaconate! I was so blessed as I learnt new things, and was enriched with the word of God! Thank you so much for having availed to me the opportunity to study it for free!

I guess the last of the series will be a blast! I cant wait to receive it! I would like to request for a scholarship too for the last course, Diploma in the Ministry!

Many thanks and blessings!

Uganda Uganda


Greetings. I have been really blessed with the study on the 7 Keys of Successful Ministry and the Deaconate study as a whole.

I will finish the entire course and share these knowledge with other believers who have the desire to serve the LORD.

Indeed, you have been used by GOD. May GOD add more blessings to you.


zamboanga city, zamboanga del sur
Philippines Philippines


This book brings affirmation that we must live and move and have our whole being in Christ.. this diplomacy of and directness of the word of GOD will be thus far will be a regiment for those in my congregation.

I am so glad I found this on the web, thanks as we pray for each other.

tulsa, oklahoma
United States of America United States of America

Diploma in Ministry


My name is Pat, I want to thank God for this school because I have learned specially a lot on the Lord's Supper. I have learned a lot of revelation from that course and I am very blessed with the course. I want to say thank you to Rev Joseph Kostelnik.

Rev. Ghong Roger
Wum - Bamenda, north West Region
Cameroon Cameroon


This course diploma in ministry was one of the best courses I have taken so far. It has taught me a lot of helpful things in my walk with God. It was just what I needed. All topics answered questions that I am going through right now. May God bless you for allowing me to take these studies.


Regina, SK.
Canada Canada


Bless you in the Name of Jesus,

I am in the middle of the third course and had to write a blessing to you.

I was struggling with so many issues of being called to serve the Lord. I knew what he wanted me to do but honestly was too unsure and immature to press on to the vision he gave me.

I want to thank you for being obedient to your call and diligent in the teachings the Lord gave you to share. In my failure Jesus kept asking me what my foundation is. I was in a sleep walk state of defeat until I was lead to these tools and realized my foundation was lacking Love.

The Lord's leading me to this course has brought me to repentance and hope again for the future he showed me. Well Done!

May the Lord bless you, the ministry, and and your students.

Troy Michael
Hartselle, AL
United States of America United States of America


I am a student of Prophetic Voice Institute taking a Diploma in Ministry Course. Indeed, this course have been another moment of exposure as the other two courses.

It brought to me the realities of Ministry and God's Kingdom as an ever powerful and active subject of Man's life. I found the truth about Miracles, as Christ demonstrates in His chosen ones.

I am deeply moved by this study and I know that anyone who comes to study any course of The Prophetic Voice Institute will not regret it.

God bless you all.

Jacob Owusu
Effiduase - Koforidua, Eastern Region
Ghana Ghana


I think the subject that moved me was The Making of a Minister. It was very deep and has helped me a lot.

I want Rev. Joseph Kostelnik to continually teach me forever with tapes, books, video, CD and what have you thank you.

Your servant,

Ghana Ghana