I Saw the Lord!

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Written: ©2010 by Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D.
Last Published: ©2020
ISBN: 979-8651220175

"Tell them it's not all right..."

The Voice of God continued...

"They think they're all right. They think that as long as they believe in something,
they'll be all right.

But they won't be. They won't be all right.
Unless they repent and receive my Son Jesus as their Savior and Lord, they won't be all right.

Someone's got to tell them, 'it's not all right.'
Someone's got to tell them
they won't be 'all right.'

Someone's got to tell them!"

In the fall of 1975, international evangelist, pastor and author, Dr. Joseph Kostelnik, experienced a dramatic encounter with the Heavenly Father during a brief trip to Heaven while attending a worship service in a Kentucky church.

In this sequel to his previous book, I Saw Satan!, the author details his experience while including edifying, enlightening and encouraging insights from the Bible.

God's message to him then isn't popular in today's pluralistic society, but it has never been more needed!

A Stunning True Encounter
With the Lord of Light!