The Lord's Supper

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Written: ©2017 by Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D.
Last Published: ©2020
ISBN: 979-8681497097

Are We Missing Something?

Roman Catholics, Orthodox believers, Protestants, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Non-denominational believers:

Are we missing something?

The Lord's Supper has been celebrated by Christians in one manner or another for over two thousand years.

But what does it really signify?

Is this rite and ritual of Christianity:

A memorial of the Lord's death and resurrection?

An opportunity to enjoy His spiritual presence in a special way?

Does the Bible teach the “Real Presence” of the Lord's Body and Blood in the celebration of His supper?

Do the bread and cup “become” and remain His flesh and blood?

Are His flesh and blood somehow spiritually present?

Or is there "Something Else?"

Beginning with a discussion of prophetic dreams, followed by a survey of various views, this volume continues with a biblical investigation of the mystery, miracle, and majesty of “Sacramental Union,” including an in-depth analysis of John chapter six and a thorough examination of practical considerations.

Prepare to have your Christian life changed for the better!