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I am a ordained Pastor, who has been searching for the answer to the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" question for some time. My wife is spirit-filled and I have experienced some of the fire of what could only be expressed as "the anointing." However, it was not until today that I totally sold out to the idea of the "baptism".

I read your book "Prayer in the Spirit: The Missing Link", and God finally showed me that one can be thoughtful, analytical, even scholarly and still believe in an experiencial phenomenon like Speaking in Tongues. I have enrolled in your courses and will be completing your diplomas shortly.

Please pray for me as I try to lead others in my ministry to the realizations God has showed me.


Jeff Thackston
Ofallon, MO United States of America

Prayer in the Spirit: The Missing Link

262 Pages | 5953 Downloads
Written: ©1981 by Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D.
Last Published: ©2019
ISBN: 1-59196-196-3

How the Holy Spirit Can Heal Your Life!

First written over 35 years ago, the author's first book and its teachings continue to change thousands of lives in all 50 states in America and in nearly 160 nations.

This new, fifth revised edition includes additions to nearly every chapter, as well as one brand new one:

  • Demonstration

Have you discovered the "Missing Link"?

The Early Church knew God and performed mighty exploits of faith.

Apostles as well as laypersons were able to work signs, wonders and miracles.

Why are so many modern believers so powerless by comparison?

Is the Answer the Holy Spirit? Millions of Christians claim His Anointing Today; Yet the lack of Apostolic Power persists.

The Biblical revelations in this powerful book will revolutionize your Christian life and ministry.


  • How to hear the Voice of God
  • The real identity of the "Sword of the Spirit" (It's not the Bible!)
  • Undiscovered truths about an ancient practice of prayer